We not only look good – we also have function!

Highest performance with a lot of attention to detail – First B! Specialized in functional jackets, softshells and fleece, our goal is also our company philosophy:

We want to offer the best possible quality at fair prices for the whole family. Our aim is not only to satisfy our customers, but also to convince them of the long-lasting quality of our products. For this reason, our entire focus is on the continuous improvement of materials, fits and functions. We not only follow the latest fashion trends, but also set new standards with innovative cuts and detailed styles.

Look forward to jackets with character, personality and the highest possible performance!

First B – the outdoor fashion brand for the whole family!

welded seams

When sewing fabrics, the punctures create potential danger points where water can penetrate. This is why First B additionally whitens all seams from the inside with carefully tested Seam Tapes from selected manufacturers. For this reason our jackets are 100% waterproof.


The rain on the surface of the fabric is dripping off, which greatly increases the wearing comfort of the jacket. For this reason, our jackets are waterproof and we have made sure that this equipment can withstand several washes so that the day’s fun is not lost.


Those who are active need breathable clothing. The membranes in our jackets have special pores, which conduct the evaporated moisture from your skin to the outside, but do not allow moisture to penetrate into the jacket. Thus you remain optimally air-conditioned even during greater efforts.


The EU standard for watertightness is 1,300 mm. This is the resistance that a material offers against the penetration of water at a 1.30 meter high water column. For such a measurement, the material is clamped onto a column and the water pressure in the column is slowly increased. As soon as the third water pot makes its way through the material, the pressure required for this is indicated as the water column.

That is why many of our First B jackets have a water column of 10,000 mm (B-Tec 10,000). This corresponds to the pressure that acts on the material at a water column height of 10 metres.j This keeps you dry everywhere, even in Hamburg. Because we know all about precipitation – and we have put this knowledge into our jackets.